Behind the Artist

Cecelia Kirby


 Cecelia- an advanced color and cutting Artist local to Boulder Colorado.

I am a passionate hair artist. Crazy in love with my craft and wild about the industry.

 Growing up I always knew I would be the artist behind the chair. At an early age I tore magazine adds out, taping them throughout my journals, studying the models and concepts for hours. I was constantly sketching portraits, makeup, head shapes, hairstyles and images I would find. School was boring but the beauty world was not. Every morning before school I would watch music videos and be enamered by the fashion. It was clear to me this is what I wanted to be doing.

 I worked passionately in makeup for seven years before advancing my career into hair. I was certified through Regency Beauty Institute to work in fashion on all levels. Shortly after completing school, I took a two year advanced color and cutting corse through the Van Michael institute. I worked closely with a master stylist for a short time focused on the art of three dimensional cutting/razor work. This has given me my edge. Allowing me to put my unique mark on every client I see. I love the excitement I hear from my guests raving about how great their hair grew out! 


I am slightly obsessed with the celeb world which keeps me current in my craft. I always stay up to date on the latest trends, shapes, shades and textures to work in the most modern look for my client. I take weekly cutting courses online through Hair Story Studio out of New York. Hair Story has been such an inspiration in the evolution of my career. I like to incorporate modern pieces in every cut I perform. I am especially fond of Wes Sharpton's work.

I am currently working with contour coloring, as this is where the world of highlights is shifting. I am a Kevin Murphy and Aveda certified Colorist, specializing in platinum- contour color, 3D cutting, male/fades, the art of hair, and educating clients on how to get "their look".

If you want to spend some time brainstorming, come in for a consult. We can go over your options to get you where you want to be. 


Current Projects

Back at it again! 2017 Raw Artist of Denver Fixate. This year I am teaming up with Clothing Designer Maria Gordillo As she is launching her new line "Unafraid" 

The event with be held at City Hall of Denver @7pm Aug 10th

You can purchase your tickets here @ 

Come show your support, and share in the talent of Artists all over sharing their work! Can't wait to see you there!


December 2016, Raw Artist's showcase in Denver Colorado, featured my work for their annual Artist event. I worked with Makeup Artist Katie Brown and three models. Three looks in 2 hours was quite an undertaking! We had a blast and had the models walking the event wearing 4 Ft stilts. It was such a sight to see. A night of beauty, creativity, music and art. Tons of artists from around the area all under one roof sharing their hearts, and craft was truly beautiful. Here are just a few photos from the night. Will be participating in more of their events to come.  


Denver Fasion Week - North American Hair Awards


Here are the much anticipated photos from my shoot with Carlos Carreon for the North American Hair Awards (NAHA)