Smooth INFUSION Naturally Strait 

By Aveda


Naturally Strait by Aveda is a hidden gem within the Smooth Infusion product line. I was working with Aveda when Naturally Strait launched and it answered so many needs within the curly haired community.

Naturally strait is a moisturizing heat protectant, paired well with Aveda's Dry Remedy Oil. It works like a relaxer in a much gentler sense. Only effecting the straitness of the hair over time. It attaches to the hair the more you use it. Sealing around the hair shaft through the application of heat in the drying process. You will notice your hair's natural curl will gradually loosen with continual use. Once you stop using the product it will slowly expel itself from the hair, leaving you with your natural curl. Naturally Strait can also be worked into the hair during the defusing process for a looser curl and softer finish.

Check out this video posted by "Behind The Chair"  with texture pro Tippi Shorter demonstrating how to get the most from this award winning product! 

If your thinking you might want to try it out, give one of your local Aveda Salon's a call! you can book a regular blow out and request they use this during the service.  Most Aveda stylist's have been specially trained in Naturally Strait Blow outs. You can get an excellent smoothing treatment for the same cost as a basic Blow out so take advantage!



Matte Waves Texture Lotion

The Bomb.Com

This is a heaven sent from the hair gods at Oribe! Avoid the salt spray that strips your color, and get you some Matte Waves. I have never felt my hair so thick, shiny, textured. Put on prior to styling (I like to put on dry) Then, curl, crimp, straiten, or whatever you like to do. It will build up your waves, look sleek if thats what you are going for, add shine but no grease. Your hair will still hold its body with some extra diameter even on the thinnest hair types. Since using it on my clients, everyone has asked what on earth have I put in their hair?!! I don't think it is of this earth, but it will definitely kick your look up a notch.


The Power of Honey


The cure for acne is in, and it's not at your local makeup store. I am talking about some Raw Honey! You might be thinking "Oh jeeze, that and coconut oil." I know I know, but I am not joking when I tell you, this is the Bee's knee's, LITERALLY! Cystic Acne is painful, unpleasant, and comes at the worst times. I have been suffering from it myself over the last year and have all but raised my hands and surrendered to my fait. 

I took the usual things out from my diet, dairy, gluten, and saw a little relief. Began seeing an acupuncturist and cleared a lot of my skin for a few days, but still I would get my hormonal outbreaks.

I've used all the top rated items I could buy, filled with chemicals and all. Every single one gave me no results and made my skin feel agitated. My neighbor, of all people, swore up and down to use Raw Honey. I kept rolling my eyes internally, but after a few more get togethers with her insisting, I thought "What the hey!"

I had some at home so I gave it a go. I have to say the moment it touched my chin, it felt like a hug! Seriously! I loved the little granules that gently exfoliated my skin, and with a little water, It felt amazing. I rinsed it off and my skin immediately felt less inflamed, tighter, clean, and cleansed. All of which I could not have said for the other products I had been using. I did it the next night and all my zits were gone. I can't tell you what a heaven sent this has been… And so cheap too! So basically, I am hooked and you need to go right now, and get you some raw honey!  



The Face Wash Of All Face Washes

When I say all my Cystic acne, I mean it. Dr. Bronner’s Organic Pure Castile Bar Soap in lavender is the cure. In a nutshell, this is the fanciest face wash with the best business practices around. With thousands of makeup removing face washes, scrubs, and products, you have to know, less is more.

This soap has a short list of readable ingredients, all organic, well produced, and amazingly replenishing to your skin. Lavender by nature is balancing for uneven skin tones. Many times after a wash my face feels so clean and soft, I hold off on the moisturizer until morning. It is worth a try if you are suffering from the same skin problems I had. Great face wash, and really not so bad on the hair! Available at Target, and online. Many other scents available. (Click the photo for more info)


How To Get Our Favorite Kardashian Textured Waves

By Jen Atkin



Are You In Love With The COCO?

The most common question I get asked by my guests is "Can I use Coconut Oil in my hair?" The answer is Yes!! But also no. Let me explain... 

Here in the great state of Colorado, the climate is generally dry and ever so sunny! People tend to seek out the most natural, additive free products, that are organic and can ideally be made at home. As a colorist, this creates a challenge. I am up against unknowns like Apple cider vinegar, Kool-Aid, Henna, spray in lemon, salt, (and even vodka) for natural highlights!! That being said, I have learned through trial and error to now ask a multitude of questions during a general consult.

For clients with colored hair, I do NOT recommend Coconut oil as a use for moisture. it would be a great treatment used to clarify or detox fragile hair but Coconut oil is a very powerful oil with great strength and extracting abilities. For color it tends to strip out the pigment very quickly. It can leave darker shades looking brassy. Add the sun to this and your hair can look fried out. With blondes, even platinum I have seen it turn very yellow. My blonde clients seem to love the feel of their hair but not the shade. I would recommend olive oil for brunettes, internally and externally. For lighter haired clients try macadamia nut oil. Both oils are fatty with lipids, creating a heavy moisture for the hair without clogging it. This is obviously for those natural craving clients. 

For those of you who lean more towards professional products, my list includes, 

Dry Remedy Oil by Aveda

Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil By Oribe 

(No Moroccan, dries out the hair)

Outside of hair, here are some actual great uses for Coconut oil!

Like other dry oils, coconut Oil has drawing properties that naturally extract that from which it is contact with. A perfect oil for teeth whitening or repairing cavities. Because of it's  drawing abilities. It can perform dental magic a few days into use when done consistently. Let soak 5-10 min at a time in the tooth of concern or throughout the mouth for great results. Three times a day if you can. Also removes plaque!

A great antidote for ear infections as well. Warm a cup of coconut oil with garlic cloves and let brew for a good 20 minutes. It will create an anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, cleansing antibiotic oil that once cooled, can be but in the ear with a dropper for a soothing effect. Let soak 30 min on each side through the day and your ear infection should be better by morning.

Add to smoothies to reduce inflammation in the body, or for healthy digestion.  a table spoon at most per smoothie is plenty.

Use topically for skin cancer tabs and for sunscreen, just apply to the skin for a natural SPF-10.